Welcome to Holford Gardeners Group . . .

Holford Gardeners Group was formed in 2003 and has around 100 members. The group serves not only those with a gardening interest but also acts as a social nucleus attracting members and visitors from surrounding villages as well as from Holford. The Group is affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society and the Somerset Federation of Gardening Clubs with two members serving on the Federation committee, one as Chairman.

The village of Holford is very close to the West Somerset coast and is at the foot of the range of hills known as The Quantocks – 'An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty'. The coastline is designated as 'A Biological Site of Scientific Interest' where rock formations of the Jurassic period can be found and are considered to be of international geological importance.

Our logo features a group of pine trees planted during 1948 above the village on the higher slopes of the hills above Holford. These are a memorial 'To commemorate the men and women of Holford and Kilve who served in the war 1939-1945'.

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